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Working Together

Living with Wolves’ longstanding relationship with National Geographic enables our unique programming, outreach, publications and educational materials to reach a wide and diverse audience. Jim and Jamie Dutcher’s multimedia presentations through the National Geographic Live! speakers series are extremely popular, while their publications in partnership with National Geographic, like The Hidden Life of Wolves, study guides, and books for children, allow Living with Wolves to reach thousands of people to bring about change for wolves. Living with Wolves also has a traveling museum exhibit on wolves through National Geographic.

Our National Geographic Traveling Exhibit

National Geographic Partnerships

Our photographic exhibits bring you face-to-face with the Sawtooth wolf pack.


US Senate Rotunda


Southern Ute (Tribal) Museum

Photo Credit: Melanie Brubaker Mazur and the Pine River Times


Detroit's Zoo


Chicago's Field Museum


US Senate Rotunda


Our National Geographic Books

The Wisdom of Wolves,

Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack

We are excited to announce that our book, The Wisdom of Wolves, Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack, was selected 4 times as a “Must Read” for 2018. Featuring knowledge and life lessons Jim and Jamie learned from six years spent living with and almost 30 years working for wolves, the book offers powerful and surprising insights about these fascinating creatures. Published by the National Geographic Society and endorsed by Jane Goodall and Robert Redford, the book has received incredible support.

Each chapter highlights a specific message: earning trust, the importance of play, respecting the old, and finding compassion, and features stunning black and white photography of Jim and Jamie’s Sawtooth Pack. Each lesson is enhanced by personal stories witnessed firsthand by the Dutchers, or retold by them from researchers, symbolizing the ideals of emotional behavior seen in wolves that Jim and Jamie believe humans should try to emulate. With a strong capacity for empathy, a need to belong to a family, and a unique position for every member of the pack, wolf families are so very similar to our own.

Selected four times nationally as a “Must Read” for 2018

“With passion and personal flair, the Dutchers once again roll out an intimate story about wolves. Drawing upon their deep knowledge gained from countless hours spent with the Sawtooth wolf pack, Jim and Jamie relate rarely seen wolf behaviors, even emotions, connecting them to wild wolf packs, which helps interpret what is observed in places like Yellowstone and Denali national parks. Written by each of them in alternating chapters, they reveal much too about their story and how their love of wolves and each other came to be.”

Douglas W. Smith, PhD, Senior Wildlife Biologist
Yellowstone National Park

The Hidden Life of Wolves

Foreword by Robert Redford

National Geographic: The Hidden Life of Wolves

Praise for The Hidden Life of Wolves :


“Ever since, as a child, I read about Romulus and Remus and Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book I have been in love with wolves. This exciting book will help their cause—they deserve our concern and our protection.”

—Jane Goodall, Ph.D., D.B.E.

“An inspired account. The return of the grey wolf is a proud moment in the history of our American lands.”

—Bruce Babbitt, former U.S. Secretary of Interior

Wolf | Living with Wolves Kids book

A Friend For Lakota

The Incredible True Story of a Wolf Who Braved Bullying

The sweet tale of Lakota, the shy wolf pup, is sure to touch the heart of any animal lover. Readers will marvel at Lakota’s strength growing up as the lowest-ranking and frequently picked-on member of a wolf pack until he finally finds that supportive and nurturing friend he’s always wanted. The book also introduces young readers to the need for conservation awareness: through Lakota’s life story, readers will come to understand the many challenges wolves in the wild face today.

Available Now

Running With Wolves

Our Story of Life With the Sawtooth Pack

Discover the wonder of wolves from Emmy-award winning filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher as they tell their story of the six years they watched, learned about, and lived with the Sawtooth wolf pack.

Adventure, friendship, and family come together in this riveting memoir as two award-winning filmmakers take you through the experience of the years they spent living in the wild with a real-life wolf pack. Jim and Jamie set out to show the world that instead of fearsome beasts, wolves are social, complex, and incredible creatures that deserve our protection. Deep in the mountain wilderness of Idaho, they set up Wolf Camp, where they spent years capturing the emotional, exciting, and sometimes heartbreaking story of their pack.

Meet Kamots, the fearless leader. Learn from wise Matsi. Explore the forest with shy Lakota. And watch as adorable pups grow from silly siblings to a devoted pack. See how these brave wolves overcome all odds, battling mountain lions and frigid temperatures. Most of all, discover the surprising kindness, compassion, and devotion that Jim and Jamie discovered by living with wolves.

Available Now
Running With Wolves | Living with Wolves

Living with Wolves

A unique look at this complex, intelligent, and misunderstood animal.

Imagine living with a pack of wolves. For National Geographic wildlife documentarians Jim and Jamie Dutcher, that dream came true. Join the Dutchers as they discover what life is like among wolves in the western wilderness. Filled with engaging photos, fast facts, and fascinating sidebars, readers will be howling for more.

Available Now

National Geographic Live!

National Geographic Live

Behind every great National Geographic story there is a great storyteller: the writers, photographers, filmmakers, scientists and adventurers who bring their world home to stages worldwide. Our founders, Jim and Jamie have been asked to join these explorers in sharing their unique experience of living with wolves, as part of the National Geographic speakers series.

Past Nat Geo Live! Presentations:

  • Kauffman Center, Kansas City, MO
  • The Broad Stage, Santa Monica, CA
  • Phoenix, Mesa Arts Center, two events
  • Seattle, Benaroya Symphony Hall, five events
  • Chicago, Goodman Theatre, two events
  • Santa Barbara, University of California Santa Barbara

Jim & Jamie travel the world presenting their story.

Educational Guides and Online Resources