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Timeline of the Sawtooth Pack

Members of the Sawtooth Pack

Kamots (Kuh-MOTZ)

Alpha Male

KAMOTS (“Freedom”) was the alpha, the confident and benevolent leader of the Sawtooth Pack. Responsible for the welfare of the pack, he was the father of the Sawtooth pups.

Lakota (Lah-COAT-ah)

Omega male

LAKOTA (“Friend”), the brother of Kamots, was the pack’s largest wolf, and yet was omega and the submissive instigator of play.

Amani (Uh-MA-knee)


AMANI (“Speaks the Truth”) was the devoted uncle of all the pups and seemed to enjoy having them climb all over him.

Matsi (MOT-zee)


MATSI (“Sweet and Brave”) was the pack’s beta wolf, second only to Kamots in the hierarchy. He was also the peace-maker and puppy-sitter.

Chemukh (cha-MUCK)

Alpha Female

CHEMUKH (“Black”), dark and slender, became the chosen mate of Kamots and mother of the pups. As alpha female, she was the pack’s only breeding female.

Motomo (Muh-TOE-moe)


MOTOMO (“He Who Goes Fast”)— with black fur, a white chest blaze, and yellow eyes—was striking and mysterious in appearance and behavior.

Wahots (Wah-HOTZ)


WAHOTS (“Likes to Howl”) slept beside our tent, awakening us in the night with his beautiful howls. He eventually replaced Lakota as the omega.

Wyakin (Why-AH-kin)

Omega female

WYAKIN (“Spirit Guide”) was a feisty little female, and devoted to her brother, Wahots. Her efforts to hide extra food were usually discovered by Wahots, who gladly ate it.