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Every Day We’re Making a Difference

National Geographic: The Hidden Life of Wolves

By providing over 55,000 readers with vital information

about wolves through our National Geographic book, The Hidden Life of Wolves.

“This is a much needed, beautiful book. It is time people understand wolves because they are not the evil animals they are perceived to be.”

By connecting young children with A Friend for Lakota 

our National Geographic award-winning children’s story, which educates youngsters about the social nature of wolves.

“ The knowledge that you gave me has changed my perspective about wolves. Thank you for giving me a new attitude on wolves and for sharing your amazing story.”

Wolf | Living with Wolves Kids book

By informing over 1.2 million Facebook followers

about wolf issues, providing the best, most current information, news and policy decisions about wolves to the public worldwide.

“Thank you for raising awareness about wolves. Wolves are special and should stay a protected species. Your work has really had an effect on me and I think it is a great way to show people that wolves need our help.”

By captivating over 1,300,000 visitors annually

at the Detroit Zoo with our National Geographic educational photographic wolf exhibit.

“I appreciate what you are doing at Living with Wolves. We need more organizations like yours around the world. Education is the key to understanding these magnificent creatures.”

By fascinating 1,500,000 young students

with our cover story in the National Geographic Explorer Magazine, creating an understanding for the next generation of wildlife conservationists.

“I learned that wolves are just like dogs but they live in the wild. And they care about their family just like us.”

By inspiring audiences worldwide

to learn the truth about wolves through our documentary films, and through over 200 television and print media interviews.

“You have brought both awareness and caring attention to the plight of the wolf in America today. Your effort to educate the public as to the nature of this noble creature has brought needed attention to the reckless nature of current legislation by our lawmakers.”

Wolves | Living with Wolves DVD set


By communicating the facts about wolves

to over 50,000 people (and counting) through our National Geographic multimedia presentations.

“I really loved the presentation and you taught me a lot about wolves. You have inspired me to not say something is bad until I actually meet them.”

View the inaugural National Geographic Live! Presentation from April 2013 in Washington, D.C. here.

By collaborating with researchers

to study how human-caused wolf mortality, primarily from hunting and trapping wolves impacts their family structure

“The data collected from your contributions to our research has already helped to save wolves.”

By distributing our Gray Wolf Educator Guide 

developed in partnership with National Geographic to schools across the West where wolves now live.

 “Kudos to you Living with Wolves and the teachers who care enough to bring this tool into the classroom!”

By circulating our National Geographic Family Guide 

The activities in this guide are designed to increase children’s understanding of this engaging topic and ignite their curiosity about the natural world.

“Your materials help us teach kids not only about the importance of wolf communities, but also what wolves can teach humans about the value of community.”

By sharing our consistent, powerful and accurate messaging

via our website with over 50,000 people each month.

“I am so grateful for your website and the educational value that is shared with so many people all over the world.”

By engaging in critical partnerships

with other wolf conservation organizations and coalitions including the Pacific Wolf Coalition, California Wolf Coexistence Group and the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, 

working to galvanize the public and unite our message for greater impact.

“Together we hold a common vision where wolves once again play a positive, meaningful and sustainable role on the landscape and in our culture.”

A Substantial Educational Outreach

Our founders, Jim and Jamie Dutcher, began their work as filmmakers. Before wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho in 1995, their film Wolf: Return of A Legend aired to an audience of 17 million television viewers and garnered a primetime Emmy Award in 1994. Jim and Jamie’s films brought the critical element of public education to the successful wolf recovery effort, informing people of the true nature of this misunderstood animal.

With the creation of their nonprofit organization, Living with Wolves, in 2006 and the release of more films, books, exhibits, social media, presentations, magazines articles, study guides, and world-wide interviews, the Dutcher’s have touched the lives of hundreds of millions of people, as their story of wolves has circled the planet.

The impact of this substantial educational outreach has spread factual information where misunderstanding, fear, and hatred once prevailed.