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A Message from The Dutchers

Wolves are the focus of our lives, but we know that sharing their story with you in our books and films just isn’t enough. We had to do something more, to give inspired people, like you, a way to join us. To make your concern really count, we created Living with Wolves, a groundbreaking nonprofit organization, dedicated just to wolves and to finding solutions for coexistence with them.

The return of wolves to the American West is a great success of the Endangered Species Act. But there are those who are trying to reverse this achievement. We hope you’ll take a stand with everyone who cares about wolves.

Here are three steps to get you started:

Stay Informed

Follow us on Facebook and receive breaking news and the most current information about important issues affecting wolves today. Our e-newsletters will also help keep you informed about relevant events, the latest research and policy information you can use to help protect wolves.

Join Us in Speaking Out

Make your voice heard and share your passion for wolves with others. Download our educational materials to share with your community, and host a gathering about why wolves matter. Take part in the conversation on our Facebook page, and participate in a public meeting. Meetings are held regularly in wildlife offices at all levels of national and state government. Contact your legislators and state agencies to express your views – we will provide you with information on who represents you, and the best way to contact them when wolf issues are being discussed. Click here to see who to contact. They need to hear from all of us – make your voice heard!

Support Our Work

When you support Living with Wolves, you will join a passionate group of people who are committed to dispelling the myth and misinformation about this important keystone species. You can play a critical role in our efforts to ensure a future for wolves today.

Give Now: Make a gift today and make a difference! DONATE NOW

Give Monthly: Become a wolf champion and your monthly gifts will sustain our efforts to educate the public about wolves.

Legacy Giving: You can build your own legacy for wolves by including Living with Wolves in your estate plans. Contribute to the Living with Wolves Endowment Fund.

A legacy gift is an excellent way to support the next generation of wildlife/wolf conservationists while maintaining control of your assets during your lifetime. Learn more about the Living with Wolves Endowment Fund and how to include Living with Wolves in your estate plans here.

Give In-Kind: For opportunities to give in-kind donations please email us at

Wolves are part of our national heritage, and their return is an accomplishment each of us should be proud of. Living with Wolves will continue to shed light on the threats that wolves face and to work toward solutions that facilitate coexistence.