Living with Wolves is grateful for the loyal service of our Board of Directors, who provide us with invaluable advice and support, sharing our commitment and perseverance, and keeping us fiscally sound and organizationally strong.

Jim Dutcher – Founder, President

3CC__6438 copyJIM DUTCHER

Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and filmmaker Jim Dutcher began producing documentary films in the 1960s. His early adventures with a camera were spent underwater, part of a Florida coast childhood. In 1985, Water, Birth, the Planet Earth, Jim’s first television film, initiated a career spent with animals that range from tiny hatching sea turtles to one of the top-ranking predators on the continent, the wolf. Jim’s extraordinary camerawork and the trust he gains from his subjects have led audiences into places never before filmed: inside beaver lodges, down burrows to peek at wolf pups, and into the secret life of a mother mountain lion as she cares for her newborn kittens. His work includes the National Geographic special A Rocky Mountain Beaver Pond and ABC World of Discovery’s two highest-rated films, Cougar: Ghost of the Rockies and Wolf: Return of a Legend, winner of an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Television Documentary.”  Jim’s intense personal involvement with the details of his subjects’ lives and his eye for the beauty of the natural world have placed his work in a category all its own.

Jamie Dutcher – Founder, Vice President


Jamie Dutcher, Jim’s wife and co-producer, made her mark on the world of film when she won an Emmy Award for sound recording with her carefully collected vocalizations of the Sawtooth wolves. A former employee in the animal hospital of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., Jamie brought to Jim’s projects a knowledge of animal husbandry and medical care. Combined with her gentle instinct, these skills enabled Jamie to quickly gain access to the sensitive and secret inner lives of wolves. Her photographs complement the Dutchers’ three books on The Sawtooth Pack.

Together, Jim and Jamie Dutcher won two Primetime Emmy awards for their wildlife documentary, Wolves at Our Door, and have been interviewed extensively on numerous television and radio programs and in print articles, in both the United States and Europe. Their most recent book, Running with Wolves, continues the story of the Sawtooth Pack that became a part of their lives.

Mary Lee Copp


Mary Lee Copp is a current resident of Memphis, Tennessee and Sun Valley, Idaho, and is a committed wildlife conservationist and philanthropist. Dedicated to supporting issues that concern children, education and all wildlife, Mary Lee brings extensive experience in the non-profit arena, and inspirational ideas to our board.


Jean McBride Greene


Jean Greene has had a lifelong interest in the conservation of land and wildlife. A life director of Lake Forest Open Lands, Jean also served as a member of the Board of the Population Institute in Washington, D.C., and as a trustee of the Lake Forest Improvement Trust and the Lincoln Park Zoo. Jean is an artist, specializing in bronze sculpture and oil paintings. She is a graduate of Vassar College, and first worked as a stewardess for Pan Am, flying primarily to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Later, Jean worked at the White House, composing letters for Mamie Eisenhower.

Kim Kawaguchi


Kim Kawaguchi was born, raised and educated in Toronto, Ontario where she began her career in the investment business as an institutional equities trader with First Marathon Securities Ltd. Now living in Vancouver, Kim and her husband travel extensively, with regular trips to Zambia, where they are part owners of a river safari lodge. Kim chairs Canada’s National Winter Sport Development Association and supports numerous arts and medical research organizations.


Marriner Eccles


Marriner Eccles is retired from a career with Bank of America’s Asset and Liability Management at the bank’s World Banking Division.  In the past, he has served on several Boards of Directors, including the Stanford Alumni Executive Association, Planned Parenthood, the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, D.C., and he currently serves in the Bay Area, on the board of Wonderfest, which encourages scientific inquiry in public settings.  Marriner was raised in Utah and now lives with his wife and family in Marin County, California.  He is a graduate of Stanford University, and received his Master’s degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Utah.  A part-time resident of Sun Valley for many years, Marriner is also the author of several children’s books based on the animals of the Wood River Valley, with all proceeds donated to the children’s library of The Community Library in Ketchum.

Andrea Nasi


Andrea Nasi holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Scuola di Amministrazione Industriale dell’Universita’ di Torino Italy. His business interests took him to the U.S. before returning to Italy to join the FIAT group, specifically Fratelli Fabbri Editori, the group’s magazine and book publishing division. He brought that division to the U.S. then founded Eridanos Press, a literary publishing company that he managed until 1990, when the firm was sold to David Godine Publishers. Returning to Italy, Andrea joined the Board of Directors of FIAT’s holding company, serving until 2010. While in Europe, he purchased a controlling interest in Turner Libros, a Spanish art and non-fiction publisher, where he remains involved. Andrea is a resident of Ketchum, Idaho, and is an avid wildlife conservationist with particular interest in carnivores, especially wolves.

Paul Paquet, Ph.D.


Dr. Paul Paquet is an internationally recognized authority on mammalian carnivores, especially wolves, with research experience in several regions of the world. The ecology, behavior, and management of mammalian carnivores, particularly wolves and bears, are his primary academic interests. His current research focuses on the conservation of large carnivores and the effects of human activities on their survival. Paul is an Adjunct Professor of Biology and Associate Professor of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, where he supervises graduate student research. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of the Saskatchewan School of Veterinary Medicine, Brandon University and the University of Manitoba, and is a Faculty Associate at Guelph University and the University of New Brunswick.

Paul has worked as a biologist for both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service, and is a member of several government, industry and advisory committees of non-governmental organizations concerned with carnivore conservation. Paul receiveda Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Alberta and has published more than 100 peer-reviewed reports and articles. A Fellow of long standing at the World Wildlife Fund Canada, Paul is also a Senior Science Advisor with the Raincoast Conservation Society. He was one of the architects of the World Wildlife Fund Canada’s Large Carnivore Strategy for the Rocky Mountains and of the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe. Paul lives with his family in a small village on the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Carolyn MacKenzie Stimmel


Carolyn Stimmel has worked every summer in the Gros Ventre Wilderness at her family’s working guest ranch in Kelly, Wyoming, where she enjoys trail riding, hiking, fishing, instructing and guiding guests. Carolyn’s property also serves as an important corridor for wolves. Raising her family in Midland, Texas, Carolyn is a riding instructor and serves the United States Polo Association as a member of the Eighteen and Under Polo Program Committee. She also serves as Regional Representative for the Collegiate and Interscholastic Polo Programs of Texas, as well as assisting in the implementation of a program for certifying polo instructors in the United States. Carolyn also serves as a volunteer at Midland Rehabilitation Center’s Hippotherapy Program, and is involved with a treatment strategy designed to improve neurological function and sensory processing in patients by utilizing the movement of horses.

Winston Thomas, Ph.D.


Dr. Winston Thomas’s scientific research has been devoted to understanding the genetic basis of human disease. He currently serves as Associate Director, Transgenic Modeling Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb, focused on immuno-oncology drug therapies to treat cancer. He formerly served as Director, Pharmacological Sciences at Elan Pharmaceutical Inc. working in drug development to address neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. Prior to that he served as COO of Deltagen, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on uncovering the function of mammalian genes. Early career highlights include scientist positions in human genetics at Mercator Genetics and Genentech.

Before embarking on his career as a molecular biologist, Dr. Thomas grew up hiking and camping in Utah and Wyoming, and worked as a professional river guide on the Colorado River in Utah for many years. Through these experiences, he gained an understanding of the crucial role wolves and other predators play in a healthy ecosystem.

He received a B.S in Biology from the University of Utah, and a Ph.D. in Genetics from Harvard University. His professional career has been focused on conducting scientific research to further drug development in the biopharmaceutical industry. Current interests also include the pre-historic relationship of humans and wolves and the domestication of the dog.

He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works on sustainable wolf recovery in Northern California.