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By Testimonials

“Not only did they educate our students about the role of these remarkable animals in the ecosystem, but the Dutchers’ presence also allowed us to engage the greater Concord community in a very important discussion…

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Before your presentation, I never paid much attention to how endangered wolves are. I think that now, lots of other kids have or will take action. I really, really hope that someday the wolf population will rise and people will play a part in bringing the wolves back for good. Thank you!

Eli (9 years old)

I fell in love with wolves years ago when I found a picture of a sick pup. But then after a month I forgot, but after hearing you talk, my love for wolves has been rekindled. In just a few hours I fell in love with the Sawtooth Pack. I learned that there is more to wolves than meets the eye. I hope to raise awareness and money for wolves. Thank you for taking the time to do your presentation and for doing the thing you love. I hope the wolf population grows back.

August (9 years old)

Your presentation has shown that wolves are curious and smart. I will take your words of wisdom and I will pass them so they go from generation to generation. After these words travel all over the world, then mankind will know the truth about wolves and they will know how important wolves are and to take care of our planet earth.


Before I had seen your presentation, I had thought that wolves killed humans and I was terrified of them. Then you told everyone that they are more scared of us. I am now a lot less afraid of them. I loved the presentation and it taught me a lot about wolves.

Alejandro (13 years old)


By Testimonials

“Thank you all so much for sharing your time and expert knowledge about wolves with our students. The presentation was amazing and deeply affected all of our students in attendance. The photographs combined with your…

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I have learned that the challenges facing wolves are basically people. People set traps, hunt and hurt wolves to get them away from their crops and farm animals. But in reality the wolves were there much before the farmers started to grow and harvest crops and have livestock. I just hope everybody understands that wolves are great creatures and that they need to be helped.


If you would like to share your appreciation for what Living with Wolves is doing to save wolves, please email