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2017 Annual Report

By December 1, 2017December 8th, 2020Annual Reports, Recent News

Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to share with you our determination to secure a future for wolves. This year, with your help, we have made many exciting advances in educating even more people about wolves and their ecological importance, as we work together to protect them in a challenging world.

What we have accomplished:

  • Our National Geographic photographic wolf exhibit is entering its fifth year on display at the Detroit Zoo
  • We just installed the Colorado version of our photographic exhibit in Aspen, Colorado’s airport
  • We’re about to present an exciting state-of-the-art, online, interactive experience on our website
  • A successful first year of “Wolf Week” in Yellowstone National Park
  • And our new book, The Wisdom of Wolves, is being published by National Geographic

Wolves have so much to teach us about loyalty, cooperation, friendship, and forgiveness, and by helping to ensure their future, we are preserving this iconic species for generations to come.

As you know, our goal at Living with Wolves is to transform the way humans see, treat and think about wolves, making the world a safer place for them. With misinformation and the

continued hunting and trapping of wolves, we face many challenges in helping to foster coexistence between humans and wolves.

This year, Garrick Dutcher, our Program Director, played a key role in putting an end to the proposal by Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game to bait wolves in order to draw them in to be

shot. Once we learned of this proposal, we took immediate action to mobilize a coordinated opposition. Find out in this report how your support and public outcry helped stop this proposal and save countless wolves.

Our work would not be possible without your generous contributions, helping to educate and inspire people about wolves. In the following pages, we celebrate your support, and highlight our constant efforts to create a world where humans and wolves will peacefully coexist.

Jim and Jamie Dutcher,
Founders, Living with Wolves

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