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Garrick Dutcher

“I wanted to let you know that I love this website and especially the student materials! I also have your book Living with Wolves and it is my favorite wolf book. I appreciate all you do for wolves, as they are my favorite animal and I have loved them since childhood. I can’t imagine how anyone could hurt them like they do, it’s cruel. I can’t stand when people hunt them as well, it is horrible. Please keep up your good work! It is helping wolves!"



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“I learn so much from you. Thank you all at Living with Wolves. I am grateful you guys aren’t afraid to highlight the more complicated things and have the knowledge to explain many more of…

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“Kudos to you Living with Wolves and the teachers who care enough to bring this tool into the classroom! These kids are the future protectors of wildlife. Knowledge is power!"

Debbie, Washington


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“Thanks to you, you have shown people that wolves aren’t aggressive for no reason, except to hunt for food. Therefore they should not be hunted. I believe together, we can save wolves. Kids from every…

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“Thank you for raising awareness about wolves. Wolves are special and should stay a protected species. Your work has really had an effect on me and I think it is a great way to show people that wolves need our help. People should know that wolves are not going to hurt us or our ways, but that they are just living, eating and doing what wolves do. Wolves are more afraid of us then we are of them."



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“I used to think that wolves are mean and bloodthirsty, but now I know that they are kind and compassionate, protective and caring. I am sad that not everyone understands this.” – Kathie, Washington

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“I write to applaud you your efforts and dedication to the protection and preservation of our American wolves. You have certainly brought both awareness and a caring attention to the plight of the wolf in America today. Additionally, your effort to educate the public as to the nature of this noble creature has brought needed attention to the reckless nature of current legislation by our lawmakers."