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Your year-end gift matched dollar for dollar

By December 15, 2015December 5th, 2018Call to Action

In his eyes you see curiosity and intelligence.

He is a keeper of his family’s knowledge, passing down his wisdom from one generation to the next. He shares a community that relies on his leadership and family bonds, much like our own.

He and his pack are an indispensable part of a healthy ecosystem. Wolves are forces of nature that enrich the land for many species. They are an enduring symbol of what is wild and beautiful in our natural world.

As 2015 comes to a close, we reflect on what an amazing year it has been, speaking out for wolves in danger. You can be a critical part of this important effort in 2016.

You understand that what we now know about wolves should guide how they are managed and treated. Your support will mean that we can continue to help wolves by transforming ignorance into information and misunderstanding into acceptance.wolf | gray wolf pack howl

Please join us now as we work to galvanize voices across North America and beyond to counter the harmful narrative about wolves with effective programs, education and outreach.

When you give today, you will double your impact for wolves thanks to a matching gift offer of up to $40,000 from a generous long-time supporter.

The wolf’s presence in nature is not destructive, but removing the wolf from nature is. When you give generously today, you will help wolves remain a vital part of our natural world.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to a new year of hope and meaningful change for wolves.

DonateNowDouble the impact of your support for wolves this holiday season!