Educate your Pack at Home!

During this unprecedented time, we are all having to do things differently and take life day by day. In light of ever-expanding cancellations and stay at home orders, a significant consideration for many families has been trying to keep kids engaged while offering some semblance of a school curriculum at home.

We're Here to Help!

Living with Wolves is here to help! We have three great resources that are available online and free to everyone. As a welcome break from less exciting subjects, kids and adults can both delve into the fascinating world of wolves with our free resources. Adults with no kids in the house? No problem! If you need a break from streaming movies or working on a “Honey Do” list, take advantage of this time to learn something new.

Interactive Exhibit

The online version of our traveling photography exhibit found here is a treasure trove of information about wolves. Brought to life through beautiful photography, artwork from National Geographic, and an interactive 3D model from the Idaho Museum of Natural History, these extraordinary aids can help you explore wolves in a way that makes learning fun. The information is organized by topics that you can use as units or chapters of study, or you can simply start on whatever catches your eye and see where it leads you.

Gray Wolf Educator Guide

For a more formalized approach, the Gray Wolf Educator Guide, created in partnership with National Geographic Society Education Programs, is a teachers’ guide for grades K – 12. Content about wolves serves as the focal point for teaching a variety of engaging lessons that are mapped to national standards for core curriculum elements in science, social studies, and the language arts. Thought-provoking activities can also extend into the topics of endangered species, environmental conservation and stewardship of the planet for generations to come.

Gray Wolf Family Activity Guide

Finally, we have our Gray Wolf Family Activity Guide, also created in collaboration with National Geographic Society Education Programs. Although originally designed for kids ranging from 4 to 10 years old, this little gem really can be fun for the whole family! Full of activities and games, and based on the premise of a family camping trip, you can build your campsite in the living room or backyard. Come on, we know a lot of you have probably already built a fort or two out of couch cushions! You’ll find ideas for arts and crafts, storytelling and skits about wolves and nature, and a whole lot more.

Build Your Own Wolf Camp

The Living with Wolves team has joked about building a Wolf Camp in our office, but unfortunately, that may have to wait since we’re working separately from our homes for now. Nevertheless, we are carrying on in our efforts to promote peaceful coexistence and the truth about wolves. Please be safe and stay well out there as we all navigate these uncharted waters.