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By February 1, 2019March 15th, 2019Recent News

Newest Book

More than a tale of one group of wolves.

On a clear, cold morning, filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher emerged from their yurt to come face-to-face with their only neighbors: a pack of wolves. Their fearless leader, Kamots, intently moved close enough to touch. He was enormous, with powerful muscles, intelligent eyes, and startlingly sharp teeth. But the Dutchers weren’t afraid. And neither was Kamots: He drew close and gave a quick lick as he did every morning—a greeting reserved for family.

Jim and Jamie set out to show the world that wolves aren’t the fearsome beasts that many believe them to be; they are social, complex, and incredible creatures that deserve our protection. Under the majesty of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, the couple raised wolf pups by hand and set up Wolf Camp—an enclosure in the middle of the wilderness and among the pack.

And as they watched, filmed, and marveled, a brand-new wolf pack was born.

Among them was Kamots, the courageous leader whose determination to protect his pack decided his every move. Matsi guided adorable pups as they grew from playful siblings to a devoted family. Shy Lakota explored the forest and uncovered both the importance and power of friendship.

More than a tale of one group of wolves, Jim and Jamie’s story of living with the Sawtooth Pack reveals the true nature of wolves everywhere, and invites readers to experience the hidden lives of wolves in an epic tale of family, survival, and, most of all, understanding.