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By January 21, 2021Testimonials

Dear Jim and Jamie,

I am an elementary school teacher in Canada. For the past few years, I have shown my students your film, Living with Wolves. I love teaching students about wolves, because a pack teaches us about respect, humility, and being a community: everyone has a place! Every year I show your film, my students become very excited. They grow to love the Sawtooth Pack, and they become engaged quickly in the film. I have found in my career that it is vital to teach students about wolves, conservation, endangered animals, and protecting wildlife. My hope is that if children can be educated while they’re young, they will grow into people that take care and consideration for our planet and all the beautiful creatures it houses. I want to sincerely thank you for the incredible work you have accomplished! Your work is inspiring. It gives me hope that one day soon, we won’t have to worry about endangered animals and the fate of wolves. I cannot count how many times I’ve viewed your documentary, but it honestly gets better every time! You have so beautifully captured how intelligent, compassionate and loyal wolves are. I am grateful for your work and passion. Thank you! Reanna