Your voice was heard!

By November 1, 2017February 28th, 2019Recent News

To encourage the public to kill more wolves, in spring of 2017 Idaho proposed introducing a wolf-baiting season. Much like the unethical practice of bear-baiting, wolf-baiting allows people to establish baiting sites, which they regularly restock with any kind of bait, food, or scents, to draw in wolves and acclimate them to a predictable food source. Once the wolves have grown accustomed to the easy food, the baiter stakes out the bait station and shoots the wolves once they return.

When Living with Wolves received notice of this proposal, we alerted several like-minded organizations, assembling a coalition to develop a counter-strategy, including a public outreach campaign and attending and participating in public meetings. We, and the coalition, called upon the public and all of you, our supporters, to voice your opinions in opposition, generating more than 20,000 comments, and in August the proposal was dropped. Your voice was heard!