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Living with Wolves

Before I had seen your presentation, I had thought that wolves killed humans and I was terrified of them. Then you told everyone that they are more scared of us. I am now a lot less afraid of them. I loved the presentation and it taught me a lot about wolves.

Alejandro (13 years old)


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“Thank you all so much for sharing your time and expert knowledge about wolves with our students. The presentation was amazing and deeply affected all of our students in attendance. The photographs combined with your…

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Knowing that wolves desperately need a voice and that to save them our own species must be educated, a group of experienced people formed Living with Wolves in 2006 to expand the impact of the Dutchers' work.

Robert Redford

I have learned that the challenges facing wolves are basically people. People set traps, hunt and hurt wolves to get them away from their crops and farm animals. But in reality the wolves were there much before the farmers started to grow and harvest crops and have livestock. I just hope everybody understands that wolves are great creatures and that they need to be helped.


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Idaho creates its Wolf Control Board on behalf of ranchers and hunters. For five years, the bill annually appropriates roughly $620,000 to kill wolves from general tax dollars, the Idaho Fish and Game and the…

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In June of 2013, the agency has proposed to remove the gray wolf from the list of threatened and endangered species.  Many organizations hotly contest this proposal, claiming recovery is not complete and the delisting…

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In one year, nearly 50 percent of Idaho’s wolves have been killed. Wyoming announces a shoot-on-sight policy in more than 80 percent of the state, any time of year, no license required. Montana triples its hunting quota and…

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