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Living with Wolves

Wolf Wednesday

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Happy #WolfWednesday! Today we will be tackling another common myth about wolves: wolves kill for sport. Unlike humans, wolves do not kill for sport. Wolves and all other predators kill for sustenance and survival. Sometimes…

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“My class and I just finished watching your documentary and read your National Geographic article, Lone Wolf. The students were quite moved by the entire learning experience as most of them have never been outside…

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I occasionally hear people comment that they don’t know how to help the Idaho wolf population. From now on I am going to refer them to your website. Thank you.



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“I am so grateful for your website and the educational value that is shared with so many people all over the world. I have learned so much and continue to learn and post your information…

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The majestic wolf, skillful predator, kind family member, has been misunderstood to the point of endangerment. Fear, hatred and the need to control the wolf’s untamable wildness created a world in which slaughter is acceptable and encouraged. There is no doubt the we humans bear responsibility for the protection of these magnificent creatures.